Police Auctions Uncovered

Police auctions are considered by many as something of a legend. Resellers across the country remain relatively unaware of the bargains on offer. But the accounts of crazy deals, cut-price ex-police cars and reclaimed gold being sold off at half its true value are not merely tales, they are based upon facts. Ever imagined tracking down a ten year old M3 for under £2,999? What about a Specialized Bicycle for only one hundred pounds? These deals may sound implausible but we have witnessed them being sold at these public auctions with our very own eyes. Ranging from digital cameras to electricals, there is an enormous selection of products available. The overwhelming majority also gets sold for considerably less compared to the respective merchandise being sold on similar auction sites like eBay.

There are a few logical reasons this auction sector seems to provide under-valued goods routinely, and the lack of public information about their existence is probably the most important one. For motives unknown, police constabularies do not appear to advertise the auction channels they do business with to sell their goods. This can result in police auction mornings at some venues being poorly attended. An absence of prospective buyers, naturally, translates to low competition for auction lots and, inevitably, cheap items for the people that are prepared. These auctions are somewhat of a mixed bag though. There are no assurances that specific products might be on auction because product availability is very much dependent on whatever the police have recovered inside an assigned time period. In the event that you are a specialist reseller simply serious about a truly exact industry sector, this occasional accessibility may put you off of visiting police auctions. But to make the best of the possibilities accessible you need to go to these auctions with an open mind and you need to have a desire to procure commodities associated with any trade kind.

What merchandise can you pick up at police auctions?

The simple reply to this is, in fact, just about anything! That’s the benefit of these auctions – they offer browsers the possibility to purchase a mixed array of lots not really viewed inside the everyday auction. Stolen and recovered items vary from mountain bikes and mini motorbikes to cell phones and bracelets – simply everything you can imagine that could be lost or even robbed and in the concern of the police, might be on the market. Police fleet motor vehicles may also be transferred to auction soon after they have arrived at a given age or mileage – in most cases when they are nearly a few years old. They can become a very big bargain as the motors available are regularly over 20% less expensive than their counterparts advertised in the common market websites like Autotrader. The cops do drive a handful of attention grabbing motors on their constabulary fleet too – leading specification Ford diesel, Landrover Freelanders and T5 Volvos can be purchased at price levels that will make a lot of vehicle traders giddy.

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